An overview of the translations in county donegal

Many of the inhabitants have little experience of the world outside the village.

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Politics[ edit ] Translations as a play focuses primarily on language issues through the lense of 19th century rural Ireland. This scene begins to clarify the romantic relationship between Maire and Manus.

An overview of the translations in county donegal

He is employed part-time by the British to provide English translations of place names in Ireland. Doalty and Bridget, two more students in their twenties, enter noisily. The production was directed by Kenneth Albers with scene and lighting design by Richard Gould.

No matter how benign they may think it has been, finally the presence of any foreigner in your land is malign. Lancey proceeds to address the group as if they were slow-witted children, over-enunciating as he explains that his job to create a map of the county. She and Jimmy have a brief conversation in Latin before Maire comments that she is even worse in English—a theatrical conceit becomes clear in this moment that the characters on stage are actually speaking Irish, even as an audience hears English.

One such example of Anglicization provided by the play in the renaming of an Irish river.

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He speaks only Irish in front of the British, even though he knows how to speak English. As Friel himself said of Translations, it, " Despite being fluent in both Latin and Greek, he still enjoys attending the hedge-school.

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The fact that Bridget appears evasive in talking about the twins immediately suggests that they are involved in something illicit. Yolland, oblivious, excitedly reveals he has been picking up some Irish words. The fact that Sarah has grown increasingly confident in expressing her Irish identity makes her ultimate silencing at the hands of the British all the more tragic. Unfortunately, Yolland goes missing overnight it is hinted that he has been attacked, or worse, by the elusive armed resistance in the form of the Donnelly twins , and Manus flees because his heart has been broken but it is made obvious that the English soldiers will see his disappearance as guilt. Manus attempts to talk with Maire, who coldly says he talked of their marriage once but, with the end of the hedge school, will soon have nothing. As Frantz Fanon said, colonialism, " Manus wonders where Hugh, his father and the school master, is. Friel uses language as a tool to highlight the problems of communication — lingual, cultural, and generational.

There are fearful references to potato blightanticipating the Great Famine of —49 the play is set in In spite of this, tales about Greek goddesses are as commonplace as those about the potato crops, and, in addition to Irish, Latin and Greek are spoken in the local hedge school.

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Translations by Brian Friel Plot Summary