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AFL increases independence AFL enables learners to become less passive in the classroom, especially when combined with other methods that promote this type of approach, such as active learning techniques.

In a few cases, the original design was abandoned, and a new design emerged as the instrument took shape.

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In the first vignette, Ms. Skilled teachers plan tasks which help learners to do this. New York: Springer. However, a teacher will use a variety of formal and informal assessment activities throughout the learning process.

Characteristics of assessment for learning

Do you use any of these techniques in your own classroom? Feedback might involve marking. AFL also helps teachers. Tan, M. Feedback Feedback is the process in which learners come together with their teachers to discuss where they are in their learning, where they want to be in their learning, and how they are going to get there. BOX Assessment Terms Assessments that are different in form than traditional paper-and-pencil assessments. Reflection Watch the video of learners taking part in a peer feedback session. How would you adapt this for your own classroom?

Curriculum and assessment leadership for learning. Open questions need longer answers, and often require the learner to provide an opinion. Spillane, J.

Assessment for learning strategies in primary schools

In this handout, by the RAPPS project, you will find lots of suggestions for different ways of giving classroom feedback. An introduction to formative assessment. In this video, Dylan Wiliam talks about his work on AFL and how it helps to improve learner achievement. McMillan Ed. After considerable research into existing curriculum materials and much discussion, the team decided to build a technology piece into some of the current science studies. In the rest of this unit, we will look at the basics of AFL in more detail. K collects the journals weekly. For example, learners could use pictures to describe positive and negative aspects of the work. She also reminds them of the criteria for quality work. K keeps herself informed on the working status of the different groups. Google Scholar Tan, K. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Google Scholar Stobart, G. Through the vignettes and discussion that follow, we hope to make features of formative assessment more explicit and, in doing so, highlight how intimately they are connected to teaching. What works for Ms.

Paradox in compound educational policy slogans: evaluating equal opportunities in subject choice. The learner then has to give their partner ideas for how to improve the work.

Data: Observations of the student performance. This includes formal testing.

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Getting started with Assessment for Learning