Commemorative speech about my grandma

It is the stories that she tells as well, the ones of her childhood. She taught me how to love hard and be passionate in everything I do, whilst also never forgetting how to slow down and appreciate the little things: the sun on a warm day or a walk with a loved one.

tribute speech to grandmother

At first, I felt like I had failed her. For years the human species has played this game. My grandmother passed away, peacefully, on December of — four months after I began my first semester in college. I will start off by talking about how the organization was founded.

Commemorative speech about my grandma

Here is an experience, which was a turning point to my life. At night, she was at home with their 3 scared and confused children, being strong for them. Most kids like to sleep in late during their vacations.

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Remembering Life: Our Grandmother Ema