Compare and contrast essay on cell phones and computers

comparison between mobile and computer

A cell phone has more features than a regular phone. Data Entry and user input A computer uses a keyboard and mouse for inputwhich most users prefer based familiarity and their comfortable sizing. The two types of structure, block and point-by-point, are shown in the diagram below.

You can even organize documents and collect data through programs like Evernote. Similarities PCs and cell phones are both electronically powered devices, though cell phones require a charged internal battery while desk PCs remain plugged into a wall outlet during use.

They are so popular because they can be carried from place to place. It's also easier to attach hardware like printers, speakers, and external drives to a PC. There are even some mobile computers that can be attached to forklifts. Operating system Operating systems designed for computers and laptops are full-featured.

The two computer began an evolution that lead up to the current computers the world runs on today History. The most important kind of technology to many people is the cell phone. The only drawbacks to owning a smart phone and not a laptop are display size, memory, and a keyboard.

Cell phones make it more convenience for a person safety because cell phone allows us to communicate with other.

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Compare and Contrast essay