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Sound professional practice is critical practice. The systems approach. This is so because either idea implies some basic validity claims that cannot be redeemed, except with the help of the other.

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However, to facilitate comparison and synthesis, the account follows the same structure and uses the same criteria. The Greek verb heurisk-ein means to find or to discover; heuristics is the art or practice of discovery. A different concept of citizenship is required today, one that would give a central part to civil competencies rather than to rights only.

How to develop systems thinking

In management science and other applied disciplines, heuristic procedures serve to identify and explore relevant problem aspects, questions, or solution strategies, in distinction to deductive algorithmic procedures, which serve to solve problems that are logically and mathematically well defined. Google Scholar Christenson, C. Who else if not active citizens can ultimately be expected to be in charge of controlling the increasingly threatening repercussions of the rationalization process upon the social lifeworld? Google Scholar Hoos, I. In Szyperski, N. This programmatic paper argues that building the bridge between the two traditions of systems thinking and practical philosophy is a key challenge to be faced by the systems community. Google Scholar Vickers, G.

There exists a deep connection between the two concepts of competent citizenship and professionalism. Accordingly, the methodological core idea of CSH is to support systematic processes of boundary critique.

Google Scholar Christenson, C.

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Critical System Heuristics