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Loyalty is important in any relationship. Another threat concerns the increased number of abortions, which leads to death or birth defects. Early marriage may bring negatives effect such as, psychosocial disadvantages, hardship on financial, lack of emotional maturity, barrier of education and violence and abandonment. As a result, they have no time to enjoy the pleasure of teenage life. This is not entirely true since it has been estalished that it promotes levels of dependancy and also reduces survival chances of the girl and her offsprings. Drug addiction and the brain Addiction is a complex disorder characteristics by compulsive drug use. Education is important as it is not all about studying and getting good marks, but it means to discover new things and to gain a vast amount of knowledge. The author cites early marriage as one way that the girls can escape poverty. Marriage is found in all cultures. On average, women with seven or more years of education marry four years later and have fewer children than those with no education. Strugling with your essay?

Unicef has also recorded a high number of maternal mortality rates that result because of inexpensive labor, unsafe abortions or obstructed labor. These practices take place for several reasons.

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While each drug produces different. It is widely practiced in the countries of South Asia where every year millions of girls-preteens and teens- become the wives of older men.

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Young adults may endure misery as a result of early marriage. Early marriage is also referred to as child marriage, where emotional and social effects take place, but one of the most common outcomes of early marriage is the withdrawal of girls from formal education. Getting divorce in such young age is not impossible this at once can affect their children future by having a broken family. While each drug produces different. Without studying, rarely do they make progress in their career. As a result, it brings them to poverty, the deprivation of basic human needs. These points seem to carry more weight than what the proponents advocate for as they suggest that early marriage is a way through which the girl child can experience financial emancipation.

A mature married couple should be more aware of their family needs, jobs, loyalty and so on. Words:Paragraphs: 7, Pages: 3 Publication date: May 31, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

Abortion, in its own term, can end up in infertility. Thus it makes people difficult to bring up their children properly.

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How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Getting divorce in such young age is not impossible this at once can affect their children future by having a broken family. This sometimes leads to complications coursing marriage development as they find and solve secrets in one another.

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In the early twenties of the age they have begun talking and thinking about marriage.

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