Effect of transformational leadership on on

A global model This section presents a global model composed of hypotheses about how transformational leadership affects organizational performance by organizational knowledge and innovation.

However, empirical research on the relationship between firm size and these variables yields contradictory results on which firm size is most conducive to transformational leadership, knowledge slack, absorptive capacity, tacitness, organizational learning and innovation The CEOs knew that the data obtained would be confidential and would be treated in aggregate form.

Thus: H8: Tacitness will be positively associated with organizational learning. It is wrong to assert that an increase in organizational learning e.

Absorptive capacity for the firm involves clear division of roles and responsibilities, as well as the skills and competences necessary for efficient absorption i. Transformational leaders are the key to integrating processes to construct a learning organization. Organizational knowledge also exists inside the firm, whether currently in use or awaiting a production need.

Effect of transformational leadership on employee performance

If we analyse this understanding of the organization in depth, we see that basic explicit and tacit knowledge circulates in the organization. Thus: H7: Absorptive capacity will be positively associated with tacitness. Transformational leaders invest substantially and continuously in developing organizational knowledge slack to achieve high innovation and effectiveness 5 , 8. Such leaders encourage good communication networks and a spirit of trust, enabling transmission and sharing of knowledge and generation of knowledge slack 52 , Few studies trace the causal path of the effects of transformational leadership on performance systematically by examining the intermediate influence of leaders' perceptions of different strategic variables related to knowledge and innovation 5. It is not the members' knowledge in itself that is strategically vital, but the presence of good leadership to enable the organization to integrate, share and use this knowledge innovatively. Thus: H8: Tacitness will be positively associated with organizational learning. It is the process that strengthens innovation, not knowledge of itself CEOs should devote more time to fostering it to achieve the socialization or transformation of tacit individual knowledge into tacit organizational knowledge 45 to establish shared mental models cognitive tacit knowledge and technical skills technical tacit knowledge Thus: H2: Transformational leadership will be positively associated with absorptive capacity. Although firm innovation is widely prescribed as a means to improving organizational performance 23 , 36 , many firms do not or cannot develop it properly. As tangible assets and resources yield smaller competitive advantages, research is focusing more on the development of intangible assets and resources Academic circles show little consensus on the magnitude or even the direction of the relationship.

In short, if innovation is to emerge, organizations need highly effective organizational learning Tacit knowledge is more strategic than explicit; it generates sustainable competitive advantages and improvements in organizational performance.

Transformational leadership also influences absorptive capacity.

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Taking this time lag into account, we propose the following hypothesis. Effective development of absorptive capacity requires other elements: intensity of the effort to develop it, investment in research and development, structural configuration and external factors e.

impact of transformational leadership on organizational performance pdf
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Transformational leadership has positive effects on employee well