Employee benefits and job motivation

The number of hours worked each week by American workers is on the rise again and many families have two adults working those increased hours. Many modern theorists, however, propose that the motivation an employee feels toward his or her job has less to do with material rewards than with the design of the job itself.

Ideally the work result itself will give them a feeling of accomplishment—but well-structured reward and recognition programs can underline this consequence. Other consequences of low employee motivation include absenteeism and high turnover, both of which are very costly for any company.

Other Incentives Study after study has found that the most effective motivators of workers are non-monetary. Smaller operations lacking a human resource department should use time and cost as excuses. Is it conservative or innovative?

Employee benefits and job motivation

Still, some strategies are prevalent across all organizations striving to improve employee motivation. Extrinsic rewards, on the other hand, accompany the work process but aren't directly part of it. January Parker, Owen. Monetary Incentive For all the championing of alternative motivators, money still occupies a major place in the mix of motivators. Using a telephone company as a test site, they surveyed employees to determine relationships between employee attitudes and behavior and the characteristics of the employee's job. Motivated warehouse employees work harder to speed up order fulfillment while maintaining accuracy, building maintenance workers keep the office clean and operational, and product repair personnel take it upon themselves to address customer concerns directly rather than funneling the customer through a sales or service associate. Money is effective when it is directly tied to an employee's ideas or accomplishments. Intrinsic rewards are those that stem from performing the work itself. In addition, the small business owner should set high standards for employees, but also remain supportive of their efforts when goals cannot be reached.

There are a host of competing ideas—among both scholars and lay people—about what motivates workers. This communication should take the form of words as well as actions.

What is important to the employees? Whether the economy is growing or shrinking, finding ways to motivate employees is always a management concern.

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Further, "doing well" at a job was interpreted by the employee as having put in a high quality performance, rather than a high quantity performance.

A smoothly working and motivated work force also frees the owner from day-to-day chores for thinking of long-term development.

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Job Satisfaction & Motivation Benefits the Workplace