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We have also worked through a number of potential side effects and consequences of a law against essay mills. The terms and conditions of business will mitigate against the commission of an offence as essays are usually required to be used in a legitimate manner, although — again — publicity in connection with how students use them and some of the advertising used by some of the mills may mean that Section 7 is a viable option but the CPS would still need to be involved in a test case.

Some customers indicate that they use essay mills as a form of proof reading.

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Due to the nature of this type of transaction, purchasing an outline is very hard for schools to catch as a form of an academic dishonesty. It does not matter if the writer has previous knowledge about the subject; if it is easy to research, he or she will get the job done. We also still need to raise awareness of this issue.

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Moreover, the Council of Europe has an active project looking at Ethics, Transparency and Integrity in Education ETINEDwhich is seeking to produce recommendations and guidance on a range of topics, including contract cheating, for the 49 member states.

It was presented by Ed Butler and produced by Edwin Lane. Outsourcing labor is a norm for businesses which insinuates that the use of term paper mills should be socially acceptable.

Essay mill writers will read their writing only to make comments and feedback about content and grammar mistakes.

Essay mills legal

As a result of this, essay bank essays in general may cost less than those from essay mills. Many prestigious universities and colleges have caught their students turning in papers they bought from essay mills.

Earlier research from Prof Newton showed that academic integrity is not a topic that is routinely covered in teacher training programmes for staff and that students have a poor understanding of the consequences of engaging in contract cheating.

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This principle is at the heart of any judgement about academic misconduct: whose work is it? Some essay mills have defended themselves against criticism by claiming that they are selling pre-written examples which students can use as guidelines and models for the student's own work. The Florida Statutes Section Passing off a custom-made essay as your own is a form of plagiarism known as contract cheating It involves a student ordering an essay, usually through a website, for a fee But it could also be friends or family members writing an essay on a student's behalf Companies offering these sort of services are known as essay mills The fee will usually depend on the essay subject, length and deadline It is difficult for markers to detect when an essay bought from a website is submitted The study, undertaken by Prof Phil Newton, looked at information dating back 40 years and covered 54, participants from around the world. Despite not being illegal, the Quality Assurance Agency QAA , which monitors standards in higher education in the UK, said submitting an essay written by someone else is a form of plagiarism, and pupils could face expulsion from university if caught. First, the jury had to consider whether a behaviour would be considered dishonest by the objective standards of ordinary reasonable and honest people. The UK risks being left behind. But, with the proposed law, we could refer to the UK Registrar of Companies and ask them to consider the listing of UK companies in the light of any new specific offence. It would, however, change the context in which it happens. The law "condemns the obtaining of a degree by fraudulent means or 'aiding and abetting' another to do the same.
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Using the law to tackle essay mills