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Poverty is evident in almost every area of Ethan's life. An new arrival to the town, is drawn by Ethan.

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During this time, both men and women were torn between duty and morality These can be found anywhere: the internet, newsprint, movies and television shows, radio broadcasts, and books. Early in the novel, Ethan's passiveness and lack of self-confidence, allow his wife Zeena to emasculate him, as well as make him emotionally inarticulate toward Mattie Starkfield is a town that is just like its name, it is boring, barren, severe, and harsh. Zeena changes Ethan through their marriage, and her illness. Aware that he has not even the money to take Mattie with him to the West, for instance, Ethan starts on foot for Starkfield to ask Andrew Hale, the village carpenter, for an advance on some lumber Divorce III. Though he saw her every day, he enjoyed the walks home the most: " He questions how he could make it with no money and acknowledges the fact that barrowing money is out of the picture.

Author Edith Wharton wrote a novel published inEthan Frome, which uses naturalism and realism to breathe life into the title character and story. The story begins with the new town Reverend who forms a special interest in Ethan.

It is only by getting assistance from others that they can make even the simplest of choices. Adult Life 1.

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He marries thirty-four year old Zeena after the death of his mother, "in an unsuccessful attempt to escape the silence, isolation, and loneliness of life" Lawson She is able to interpret the characters actions in a way that can relate to all humans.

He develops a curiosity towards Ethan Frome and the smash-up that he hears about in bits and pieces. In Ethan Frome, Ethan falls out of love with his wife Zeena and into love with his house girl Mattie. When Maddie has to leave, Ethan and Maddie decide to kill themselves so they never would have to leave one another.

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If he had only tried to make Zeena this way then they could have been happy. The physical appearance of Ethan Frome played a significant part in creating his character. Mattie was brought in by Zenobia, or Zeena, Frome as an assistant around their house. His poor choice when he asked Zeena to stay was based on the conflict with himself. Furthermore, the story goes back in time to explain why the town treats Ethan the way they do If he had only told her that the dish broke when she came home, he could have avoided the worst of the conflict with her. The question is, is it better to our lives and make decisions based on the whimsical ideas of fairytales and never truly making decisions for ourselves, or from tragedies and using the characters experience to help improve our on selves.

She is reality itself--beyond love, beyond fate, and it is she who outlasts them all. The symbolism found within Ethan Frome adds to the inherent meaning of the text to give it an even deeper meaning. The reason his social circle is limited is because the town has shunned him.

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