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This should cover what has been achieved or established in the chapter that previously had not been. Above all, I was overwhelmed by the thought of starting again. Once I had drafted a chapter, I would combine them into a single chapter document. Then I wrote at least bullet points for what I thought would be in the conclusions. I use Endnote as my reference manager, and Scrivener is not currently able to format Endnote citations. I also have the Synopsis turned on in the image below. Each of the documents you see in the main Dissertation folder is just a rich text file. So your front matter will will look like this in Outline View. It included my contact info incase my printed document was misplaced, the date that it was complied so I could tell one draft from another, and the word count rounded to the nearest

In this way, the Binder allows you to break down your work into manageable sections. She can be found at kellyroyds. And it reminded me throughout the process that regardless of how small an accomplishment it seemed at the time, writing words was in fact bringing me closer to my ultimate goal, namely, finishing.

Powered by ConvertKit Find this post Useful? The Second document you will create in every Chapter Folder is the Conclusion. Is it a crappy first draft?

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I just set Chapter based targets. Write this number down somewhere safe Evernote.

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In that post, I wax lyrical about my love for Scrivener. I have named each folder in line with traditional thesis sections and chapters. You can even import audio files, video files, and YouTube links and watch and listen to them within Scrivener.

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First Name Email Address We use this field to detect spam bots. With Scrivener 3, there is a quick reference pane button in the top bar, which you can either drag documents onto, or click if the document is highlighted. So, at the moment I use Scrivener for drafts and Microsoft Word for the more-final-ish document I share with supervisors. Not only does it make managing a large amount of different materials easy, it also acts as a one-stop location for all of your research and writing together my Scrivener project file contains over 4, individual files and totals Target: This one, along with another that called Target Type which I forgot to turn back on for this screen shot lets you set your target per document or folder. This helps you to move chunks of writing around and to reorganize the sequence. Video not displaying? Realizing that I was deceiving myself into thinking that such pursuits were good uses of my precious time, I devoted one day—and one day only—to figuring out which font, paper, and word processing software I was going to use.
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