Materials and methods master thesis

Methods: the methods you used to get your information and make an end-argument or establish a solution is also important.

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It is very important part of the thesis and must explain your choice and preference for a certain method over the other. Always include citations for procedures that have been described previously.

Nowadays, as a requirement of patient rights, obtainment of approval from ethics committee should be indicated with its registration number. We know how hard it is to conduct research and actually write a solid dissertation - sometimes it takes years. To that end, standard units of measurements, and international abbreviations should be used.

IIEF is one of the most prevalently used form for the patients who consulted for the complaints of sexual dysfunction Based on IIEF scores, the severity of the disease was classified as severe 1—10moderate 11—16mild to moderate 17—21mild 22—25and no ED 26— This practice is helpful for transparency, as well as reproducibility.

Abbreviations should be explained within parentheses at their first mention in the manuscript.

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How to write a materials and methods section of a scientific article?