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Soldiers and firefighters had to hike into mountains to reach remote villages. Community health centers and hospitals were rendered useless, resulting in the use of makeshift wards outside the affected buildings.

Furthermore, prolonged periods of aftershocks forced the population to take residence in makeshift shelters, afraid to go inside weakened buildings, and causing psychological trauma. Spain also cited the damage and destruction of the churches, which they consider as part of their historical heritage during the Spanish colonial period.

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With at least 82 people still missing, many of them in landslides that buried homes, the casualties could top a quake on Mindoro Islandsouth of Manila. We're isolated. The Department of Health placed the affected region into code red alert status. The damage may be worse than officials realized because the quake cut off communications to some villages, Reyes said.

Every Thursday Latest book reviews, author interviews, and reading trends. Different local and foreign companies also donated different relief items. By Teresa Cerojano Associated Press Manila Dozens of people were still missing Tuesday following a strong earthquake that triggered landslides and damaged buildings and roads on a central Philippine island.

Seventy-eight people died there inabout half of them in a quake-triggered tsunami.

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The Philippines is in the Pacific "Ring of Fire," where earthquakes and volcanic activity are common. All services will resume once public safety is ensured. A local tsunami alert was issued following Monday's temblor but was soon canceled. The undersea quake was centred 44 miles north of Dumaguete, capital of Negros Oriental province, about miles south-east of the nation's capital, Manila. With at least 82 people still missing, many of them in landslides that buried homes, the casualties could top a quake on Mindoro Island , south of Manila. Seventy-eight people died there in , about half of them in a quake-triggered tsunami. Many of our roads were damaged, including bridges, and stores are closed. Some private individuals from the least affected Tagbilaran City mobilized and provided aid by distributing relief goods and used clothing. Transportation[ edit ] Several flights from Cebu and Bohol airports and the airport operations itself were put on hold as response to check the safety status of the airport buildings. Photograph: Reuters Rescuers have found no further survivors among dozens of people buried by landslides on a central Philippine island after an earthquake.

This power plant, along with transmission lines, were damaged by the storm.

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Negros earthquake: Urgent rescue efforts as death toll rises