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Such an activity will go unpunished encouraging other hackers to abuse lab resources. There is no way for a lab assistant to know that a student signing in to use a workstation damaged a thousand peso worth of equipment. In college computer labs it is used for monitoring the student activity client on their system by lecturer through server system. Methodology: We firstly design and code for Client Step 6: Client will perform practical and will send it to Side for connectivity with the Server. Server Side: from Client. School stuff such as class instructors is using an application to do his work easier. The fundamental principle of a Monitoring system is to allow users to capture data, process and disseminate information in a systematic way. Multiple networks can also be connected to form a bigger network- the internet is an example of such an extended or combined network. Unlike when biometrics is used, there are no tendencies that other users can make use of one's stuff. Miranda, Daniel Misael D. Most of the computer laboratories are usually monitored in a manual way, they uses a logbook to list all their findings in a certain laboratory then an in charge person will confirm all the findings and make a solutions for the problems Adamson, On such system students can complete their given task. Nowadays, computer is a basic need for businesses or companies. Get Essay Under monitoring we look at the process on organization could go through to design a monitoring system Shapiro,

Words:Paragraphs: 21, Pages: 6 Publication date: August 31, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! For example, to defeat a burglar alarm it is sufficient to make it stop working, or—in many cases—to persuade its operators that it has become unreliable.

Significance of the Study Before implementing any study, it must be beneficial and at the same time the significance must meet the different perspective of the faces to where it will take place. The term "biometrics" is derived from the Greek words "bio" meaning life and "metric" meaning to measure. Miranda, Daniel Misael D. Ideally, the whole solution is organised as a fully automated integrated information and control system — building on top of several practices, tools and applications for network level access control and monitoring. On such system students can complete their given task and they can also do some other work which is not related to their given task. Clients Details on Server: performance, login time, can give marks on the basis of their performance, etc. Connections can be made with the help of hardware like copper wires, fiber optic cables or waveforms like Bluetooth, infrared, WiFi and satellites. Also, they often get angry when students tend to seat from one place to another and try to change the seating arrangement. Computer laboratory, as one of the facilities that Don Bosco Global College- Cabuyao has provided to help students practice the theories that have been thought in lecture, has a total of 64 computers with an average of 32 computers per lab. Utility meters are usually on the premises of the consumer, who has a motive to cause them to make incorrect readings. In order to keep files in storage, a program must be attached into a database in order to complete its purpose especially in any matter of the storing and keeping files. The diagram of the framework summarizes how the study resumed to work.

After starting Server it will display one Message which will tell that Server is ON for responding the request coming from Client Side. For future studies, this might be of great help as one of the references locally. Assuming that all computer laboratory IT instructors are using android phones for reporting purposes The mobile serves as the main device for creating a report regarding computer laboratory problems and assuming that the router used by the school has a large network coverage.

The other problem of the present existing lab management is that the lecturer cannot supervise the student i.

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According to Buckia mobile device is a generic term used to refer to a variety of devices that allow people to access data and information from where ever they are. The laboratory assistants are engaged to the maintenance of computers, and it is a problem in their part to repetitively visit the laboratory every single time to check the workstation if it is stable and runs well for the students.

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Where the solution is not possible to be automated, a manual process is proposed. Universities have long existed to provide education for future professionals.

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Related Work [1] This is based on sensor in which monitoring is done through embedded sensor in system. Definition of Terms Computer A machine mostly electronic that is able to take information inputdo some work on or make changes to the information processto make new information output.

Logs A record of computer activity used for statistical purposes as well as backup and recovery. Sending Connection Request to Server: For connecting with Server first Client need to enter its IP Address and after that it has to click on Connect button for sending connection request to the Server. An alarm in a bank vault is very well protected from tampering at least by outsiders , so it provides the simplest case study. With this system, professors do not have to check attendance every meeting because they can just get a copy from the administrator of the system, say, IT Department since they are appointed to being the administrator of the system. It is also possible to create networks in such a way that they allow access rights and restrictions. Start and stop times of routine jobs may also be recorded. The router serves as a bridge to provide a connection between the Android phone and the server.
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