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For example, in our education system, our society has been arguing for quite some time about whether or not there should be options or whether everyone should be required to attend the standard brick-and-mortar public schools.

He faces problems when his wife is unwilling to accept his goal to become a stockbroker and leaves him. However, some countries throughout history, believed that this was not the correct way for their people to live.

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Coming from a decent household, I have never felt the need to rely on government for financial support, however, scenes in the movie when Chris tried to get into a shelter for the homeless, but instead it was found out to be fully occupied, really gets me thinking about the extent of the government in helping the homeless and the financially unstable households. Therefore, I feel this movie is a perfect example to show the severity of people living in poverty. Sadly, though happiness is seen as a basic human right by many, it is one thing to write something down and quite another thing to see it happen in practice. Throughout the 19th and 20th century, reforms were made, but the lack of equality still remained unresolved. They need to have a sense of purpose. Though I wont pretend like adultery did not happen, it certainly feels like it is more common today and not as frowned upon with the freedom of the internet that hides our activities online. However, not all the things they want can give them happiness. Those very principles helped to construct the Declaration of Independence, which declared liberty and equality to every man. It is one of our founding principles; however, in some areas, we seem to want to limit that. Happiness is more than just having money and valuable things. After investing all his life savings in buying portable bone density scanners, which what was supposed to bring him riches, instead turns into his life support as many medical industries felt no need for such medical devices. Happiness plays an important and necessary role in the lives of people around the world. That being said I am old enough and tall enough to ride all of the rides. These are the topics I will cover within the scope of this study paper below.

But what exactly is true happiness? To each person, this purpose can be different.

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It all depends on the type of person someone is. Linking back to my experiences in Cambodia, people in Cambodia survives through agriculture which does not even provide a decent wage. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. As a son to my parents, I should repay what they have given me by working hard in my studies and ensure that their efforts to uphold our family will not be wasted.

Some might feel that happiness is tied to love.

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