Single pie chart ielts academic writing

This year the government's expense was 53 million on health and personal social services, which was the second largest sector in terms of expenditure made by the UAE government.

If it indicates past, your answer to the details must be in past tense. In fine, it is clear from the chart that the family gives more importance to food and education than any other expenses.

Your answer should have clear and solid paragraphing.

how to write pie chart analysis

You will need to decide on the most clear and logical order to present the material. How well does it follow the guidelines? So, try to write some single sentences just as a fun practice in a separate notebook. The pie graphs below show the result of a survey of children's activities.

So, to avoid such discrepancies, pay attention to every detail that can find. Just over 53 billion was allocated for the health and social services which was the second largest allocation by the USA government.

You task is to describe the information given in the graph by writing a word report.

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Writing task 1 pie chart #1