Swot and pest analysis of infrastructure project

But the better you become at them, the stronger your processes and position in the market will be. Lack of clearly define processes and procedures for construction and its management. Inefficient accessibility in planning and concerning the infrastructure and signs.

This has led to many companies getting more and more involved in practices such as corprate social responsibility CSR and sustainability. It was first company globally to obtain an ISO environmental certification in Technological ability in countries includes having a good stable infrastructure such as Internet connection, technological innovationresearch, easy patent regulations, electronic laws and regulations.

Factors include economic growth, exchange rates, inflation rates, interest rates, disposable income of consumers and unemployment rates.

how to do a pestle analysis

Long term market instability and uncertainty may damage the s opportunities and prevent the expansion of training and development facilities. Increasing urbanization and favourable demographics: The global trends in terms of demographics and urbanization are expected to favor the construction industry.

To compare, PEST analysis will only examine external factors that could affect your business although it will help you think specifically about different areas of interestwhile SWOT analysis considers both internal and external factors. Good structured national network facilitates the boom of construction industry.

Economical Of course, economic growth, openness, and status contribute to taking any strategic decision for companies. SEOP has helped foster the pride of ownership amongst the employees increasing their commitment towards the common goal of the organisation.

It clearly states the expected behaviour from its supply chain.

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SWOT analysis of construction industry in india