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Scratch Marks: Find scratch mark on the ceiling in front of the stairs. The Crystal locations are shown below and you must knife the jar to reveal the Crystal inside: Master Bedroom - end of the bed on table Study - table between two chairs Library - on the desk right of statue Wine Cellar - center of room, on table Wine Cellar - on wooden box with candles Trophy Room - in front of fireplace on table Bedroom Hallway - in front of couch on table Once the Crystals are charged, move on to the next step.

This should electrify the pole and direct the light to the atrium, at the crystal above the Atlas statues head. Unfortunately, this is more complicated than shooting a Vampire with Silver Bullets. Shoot this bat once with a charged shot of the Chaos Theory and the bat will die, dropping the Bat Chaos Material.

Plot summary[ edit ] In the wake of losing Corrie and Kevin, and not knowing how either of them are faring in enemy territory, the group's morale deteriorates.

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Scratch Marks: Find the scratch mark in the upper right corner of the window that is just to the left of the symbol. They discover that Corrie is comatose and that Kevin was beaten when he arrived. If playing with several people, it's the player who has written on the grave. Chris, however, decides not to go and to stay behind instead. Rotate the crystals towards the green tile, so that the crystals change from white to green. Kill a werewolf use Silver Bullets to make it easier in the triangle formed by the knights and the stone slab should drop. You can actually obtain the gun through the Mystery Box, but at points per attempt and a very slim chance of getting it, you could be there for a long while. Note, symbols will change if the sequence is entered incorrectly. The Telescope Questline The first step must be completed by all players in the lobby at the same time.

Take them to the workbench in the Library. Once all energy cores have been placed inside the ritual circles, interact with them to spawn a Spectral Knight. Ellie takes charge of the situation, kills the wounded soldier and makes the decision to continue on with the attack.

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Aim the lights to the green marker that has spawned somewhere in the arena. Repeat this process until he jumps away. Once you have found all of the Symbols and their corresponding scratch marks, make your way to the Greenhouse Laboratory.

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Upon initially opening the Forest, a Werewolf will always spawn. Zombies should dig up the piles and one of them contains the final part. As before, turn the crystals until they light up green and then the green tile will appear. Go back downstairs and underneath the telescope platform is the stone slab. These tree branches should be fairly obvious because the in-game model for these branches is distinctive compared to other trees and leaves will fall off the branches which is a big clue. Eventually the knights will start to move towards PaP and werewolves will spawn in. Find the scratch mark underneath the table directly to the right as you walk in through the Smoking Room. Gardens Edit The Gardens is a small maze-like area, featuring two main pathways that connect at the end, leading to a side entrance into the Greenhouse Terrace. Scratch Marks: Find the scratch just above the door that leads to the West Hallway. Each of these three rooms houses the pink crystal used to help open the Forest and later activate the easter egg. To first get the silver, players need to go to the buildable table located in the Wine Cellar. Greenhouse Laboratory Edit The Greenhouse Laboratory is a large area, consisting of large machines, work benches, and plants.

No trailer, promotions and not even a hint of a release date.

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