The freedom of speech on campus

Our schools, colleges, and universities must prepare students to combat this problem. Safe spaces can refer to university policies that shield students from uncomfortable or unwanted ideas. It did not place any new duties on colleges not already called for in current law.

There are critical issues that divide us as a society and that must be openly discussed on campuses across the country — issues like economic, political and social opportunity, immigration, the environment and privacy.

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If a college or university usually allows students to use campus resources such as auditoriums to entertain guests, the school cannot withdraw those resources simply because students have invited a controversial speaker to campus.

In case after case, FIRE brings about favorable resolutions not only for those individuals facing rights violations, but also for the millions of other students affected by the culture of censorship within our institutions of higher education.

The First Amendment generally, and freedom of expression in particular, are not absolute concepts, and that is why they are at once so difficult to administer and so essential to a free society and an educated citizenry.

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They have also failed to develop a real constitutional theory to support it. Sweezy refused to answer those questions, on the grounds that doing so would violate his rights under the First Amendment and the freedom that it provided him to engage in academic pursuits.

Justice Frank Murphy, writing for a unanimous court, found that Walter Chaplinsky had been appropriately convicted under a New Hampshire law against offensive and derisive speech and name-calling in public.

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From flag burning to Holocaust denial, Americans of all ages have been grappling with basic questions about offensive speech for decades and will continue to do so for as long as the country strives for this ideal of openness and freedom of expression. Since its founding inthe ACLU has fought for the free expression of all ideas, popular or unpopular.

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Campus Rights: What We Defend