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They are primarily concerned with observable behavior, as opposed to internal events like thinking and emotion. The clinician would be sure to create a positive bond with the client, in a manner similar to that of person centered therapy.

After heavy research, four major theories of personality have surfaced.

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I plan to discuss all four characteristics in this paper. We each have different levels of these competing characteristics that make us unique. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Share on Google Share by email Sigmund Freud — psychiatrist, neurologist and key pioneer of the psychodynamic approach including his psychoanalytic theory of personality — theorised that our mental activity is mostly unconscious, and it is this unconscious activity that causes our behaviour.

Although it is now generally seen negatively in the common view, sometimes comically, it has provided the inspiration for a few of the current leading approaches to psychology. For my research two psychological approaches, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Person-Centered Psychology, will be critically analyzed and discussed in depth in order to compare the techniques as well as effectiveness of each The theories are old and developed for a long time ago and that makes it interesting to know if there are any new theories I will then end with my conclusion.

In addition to this, I will explain how an understanding of these theories relates to care and would help a care professional to support an individual in a care setting.

Generally, this would include the client 's family, but in this case that would be inappropriate. The events that led to the singers death should have been warning signs of his plans, but his personality kept him from receiving the help he desperately needed.

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Freud's psychodynamic theory essays