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A refrain filled with both longing and sadness, it hints at the many struggles faced by thousands upon thousands trying to get by in the city of Shanghai. Critics have found no unifying element to the parts to affirm the sense of wholeness readers feel after completing O'Brien's novel. This was a quick read. The mall is owned and operated by Aetna; therefore it has nothing to do with the Whalers. In Vietnam, American soldiers encountered, and in some cases participated in, extraordinary brutality. Paul Berlin occasionally finds himself explaining or translating for Cacciato. He decides to go with his own voice, capture Cacciato, and go home. Corson- Frequently referred to simply as the Lieutenant. The conversations they have show how he thinks they will feel towards him. Tries to arrest the squad in Iran. Some of these changes are small, like moving from one school semester to the next. Ready Mix - Died during an assault of a hill in the Highlands. He remembers something really easy like when Cacciato gave him gum.

Sarkin Aung Wan - Burmese refugee who saves the squad many times, such as the time they became lost in a Vietcong tunnel complex. Dysentery was a common cause of physical wasting.

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This was a quick read. At this point in their lives they are regarded as adults and must make adult decisions, and whatever they decide they will only lead to more choices. Billy Boy Watkins - One of the casualties in Berlin's squad. This is how Paul is thinking how the will be seen once they get back to America. Buff - Short for Water Buffalo, is known for his big size. It is a movement that many participate in to help improve the environment. Paul Berlin, the main character, is a frustrated soldier. Corson- Frequently referred to simply as the Lieutenant.

He remembers something really easy like when Cacciato gave him gum. According to him, sometimes the fictional truth is more realistic than [the] factual one.

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GradeSaver is providing this content as a courtesy until we can offer a professionally written study guide by one of our staff editors. The fantasies he created to help him deal with the war and how he would be seen back home, the time sequence he remembered and dealt with the facts in, and exactly how all of this helped him cope and sort out what he had seen will prove just how tough Berlin is just by looking at evidence from the book.

Oates 'turned much often in her writing to everyday characters, which she often placed in situations that were both psychologically and socially terrifying.

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Now many of these new adults will decide to go away to college to get an education You could look at him then look away and not remember what you'd seen. And he believed the obvious corollary: the greater a man's fear, the greater his potential courage. Is it morally or socially justifiable to leave a war? The other soldiers speculate that Cacciato is trying to emulate a chicken, trying to squawk and fly. In the chapter "Tunneling Toward Paris", the characters escape the endless tunnels by "falling out" just as they fell in; this allusion to Alice In Wonderland helps to reveal the story as surrealistic fiction. During one night while on watch duty, Paul Berlin thinks about the past and events that lead him to daydream about going to Paris. On the last point, critics find the structure of the novel is fragmented to reveal the nature of the United States' involvement in Vietnam. It is an integral part of the story to be told in this order.

The majority of these acts deteriorate the Earth by harming the environment and human health. Their journey eventually leads Paul Berlin to Iran where the crew of Paul Berlin, the Lieutenant, Doc Peret, Sarkin Aung Wan, and Stink Harris to name a few become stuck at the border of the country with absolutely no way of getting in because they seem to not have any passports An unusual Vietnam book, but a book that tries to shine a light on a war that made no sense whatsoever.

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Interior evidence suggests that Paul Berlin might be conflating Cacciato with himself.

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