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Much like the audience after watching Mr.

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It's poetic, confusing, and almost nine minutes long, ending with a solid three-minute jam sesh. A melange of instruments play in perfect harmony with Dave crooning out conflicting lyrics that vacillate between melancholy and optimism. That story has become a small film called Halo of Stars and I worked on the music. We were supposed to play first, but all the bands had other gigs they had to get to so we kept getting shoved further down the lineup. So the question occurred to me: Has alcohol ever been a problem? I'm a sucker for this song. That brilliance is what I look for. I still drink, and I keep my center better. I think sometimes I … Sometimes I spend a lot of my life trying to get answers from the people around me instead of listening to myself. But I like wine. He was in a fusion band in Charlottesville.

If harks back to the late Socratic creed -- "the unexamined life is not worth living" -- sans the allegation of corrupting the youth. And also, that movie kicked off such a nice wave of affection for the band.

Dave matthews band music videos

The horribleness of it was shocking. Maybe you want to be a landscape photographer but for a career you take wedding photos. They all make decisions to end their lives, one way or another. It's the antithesis of "It if ain't broke, don't fix it. I know the audience is, too. What did growing up partly in South Africa mean for how you see American racial dynamics? They've continued to tour, write albums, and somehow convinced people "American Baby" was a good song. It was the band's third album and DMB fever had stricken colleges coast-to-coast. The song, which many will recall from two of the most important scenes in Ladybird or Excess Baggage , is about a man peering in on a woman in her room without her knowledge. Then I started a record with Rob Cavallo and I lost my steam with that. That helps me feel distance from everything going on around me. The newest music on the record is only a few months old and the oldest is from 12 years ago.

It's got a danceable beat. The recorded runtime is a nicebut live, it's the longest song Dave's ever played in concert.

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They all make decisions to end their lives, one way or another. I like the culture of it. It's sweet, tender, just corny enough, and its music video stars Jamie Presley holding a baby in what appears to be Florida.

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The analogy I use to explain it is something I took from Men in Black.

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