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We encourage members to become involved the community and to have a positive impact on it.

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Members of the Game Leadership are expected to have all active characters of designated levels and above tagged in the guild in their virtual world. However, there is much room for creativity here, and in fact a great deal of guilds are broken down simply into guildmaster and guild members.

Syndicate members understand that sometimes personal character sacrifice is needed for the team to complete a mission. Our guild environment is intended to support a diverse collection of people of different cultures, races, ages, religions, nationalities, sexual orientation, and play-styles among its membership. A new city is picked each year and members from around the world meet there for several days of fun, seeing games in development and in discussing and planning the guild's future. Do you want to role play? All members will carry their guild name with honor and respect for the other players in the game. Alliances With Other Guilds Requesting An Alliance Alliances within gaming are often not needed and more of a mental thing rather than having any tangible impact on the game itself. For example, in a weaponsmiths guild, they may specify how much gold weapons are to be sold for. We expect at least 1 email per week to the Guildmaster and their squad leader to keep them informed of your progress and any issues, ideas, feedback etc.. Suspended guild members may not participate in guild events or claim any guild items in any virtual world. You have had some people drop and some people join up and, just for the example; you are still at 10 members. Any person removed from ToJ in one virtual world for misconduct will also have their membership in all other worlds removed.

Did you want to heal others? We are also known for running many public events for players or in helping players get 'flagged' or 'keyed' to continue on into areas of a game they might not normally be able to do.

Second, the main location of the guild must be listed. We raid 3 days a week with off nights available to do whatever our members wish. Do you just want to gather a group of friends to run instances? Each Team Lead's role and tenure is at the sole discretion of the Guild Master. No unauthorized duplication or distribution is permitted. The way I envision it is a group of very friendly players on TeamSpeak and in the forums, but in game all outsiders to our clan are viewed with mistrust and borderline hatred. A unanimous vote of the Officers in a virtual world is required to remove that world's Guild Leader as well as approval of the Overall Guild Leader. This will bring the right people to apply and make your guild much more stable that just filling it with warm bodies that have completely different ideas. Upholding of all guild values and rules is required of all members.

Consensual pvp is permitted, encouraged and a fun aspect of the guild. The Syndicate and the friendships within it, remain.

We are a mature Guild. The goal of each Officer is to maximize the effectiveness of the players within the guild.

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You are now a guild leader.

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Want to start your own guild? Here's what to consider before you buy the charter