Writing complex sentences

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Here are some simple rules to remember when combining simple sentences into complex sentences: Don't repeat words Add words to connect ideas Complex Sentence Exercise Combine the following sentences into complex sentences.

Subordinate Clauses A subordinate clause can describe nouns and pronouns; describe verbs, adverbs, and adjectives; or act as the subject or object of another clause.

We should then use complex sentences when expanding on the main point, for instance when giving a supporting example or explaining your main point.

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How to write a complex sentence There are three types of sentence - simple, compound and complex. Compound Sentences Compound sentences are formed by combining two independent clauses.

If the cost of organic food proves prohibitively expensive for most people, they will simply not buy it. Glover Stadium is old. Complex Sentences When a dependent clause is joined to an independent clause, it forms a complex sentence.

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This is because they combine two different types of sentences into one long sentence. For example: Erin loves her brother, and he loves her too.

Writing complex sentences

However, simple sentences are made of an independent clause , which can stand alone as a complete sentence. Remember that a number of answers may be correct. It's important to understand which parts of the sentence are independent clauses and which are dependent clauses so that you can punctuate it correctly and avoid writing a run-on sentence. The dog ran off when I chased him, but I didn't care. It is therefore acceptable for this to be a simple sentence. Do notice, however, that popular writing often breaks some academic grammar rules. What is a complex sentence? Example: When the rain stopped, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds. His name is Peter. Both fans and coaches love his excellent pitching abilities. This student has tried to put four simple ideas into one paragraph and the result is an awkward and incoherent sentence. In other words, if you remove the dependent clause, you will not change the meaning of the sentence. The man was mean because he was lonely, but his attitude only made his situation worse. This PowerPoint, developed by teachers, may be useful in helping your student understand how complex sentences are constructed. But first, we need to understand what a complex sentence actually is.

There are three main ways to join clauses to make complex sentences. Subordinate clauses can be an effective way to add more detail to your writing. There are tough challenges associated with global warming.

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But no matter the form of writing, the goal is still to be clear, concise, and effective. Change several sentences into one complex sentence. These dependent clauses add good information to the sentence, but the actual meaning of the sentence is not changed by this dependent clause. It is often used when we regret something or to imagine a past unreal situation. A clause is a simple sentence. The dog ran off. This result is a grammatically correct, easy to understand paragraph. Remember that your sentences need to also be error free so only use structures you are confident using. Air pollution is largely caused by motor vehicles. Of all sentence constructions, compound-complex sentences are typically the longest and most involved. However, simple sentences are made of an independent clause , which can stand alone as a complete sentence. Please realize that the rules differ sometimes, and remember that the academic rules are a guideline — not set-in-stone. I am tall. A clause is any portion of a sentence that includes a subject and a verb.

He usually sleeps on the plane.

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